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At the Office of Abogado Aly, Protecting Your Rights Is Our Number One Goal. You can call now to schedule your free consultation (713-643-7200) or fill in the free consultation request form above.

Uncontested Divorce:

At the Office of Abogado Aly, we encourage our Clients to agree to the terms of their divorce. An agreed divorce will take less time and money than a contested divorce. We will strive to resolve your case as quickly and efficiently possible.

Contested Divorce:

The law provides that each party to a divorce has clear and unequivocal rights. At the Office of Abogado Aly, we are relentless in our efforts to ensure our Clients’ rights are protected as they relate to contested divorce matters.

Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR):

There are certain cases where matters exclusively relating to the children must be resolved. These cases typically involve child custody, child visitation, and child support matters. The best interest of your children is our priority.

Modification of an Existing Order:

An existing order may be modified to reflect the current circumstances surrounding the parties. This may involve the need to increase child support payments. It may also involve the need to modify the custodial arrangement. Please schedule your free consultation to better understand when a modification of an existing order may be appropriate for you.

Enforcement of an Existing Order:

You may need legal assistance enforcing an existing order. If a party is not complying with the existing order currently in place, the Office of Abogado Aly will act aggressively to ensure your rights are not compromised.

Abogado Aly can also assist you with:

  • Name Changes
  • Adoptions
  • Wills