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Here at the office of Abogado Aly I was able to receive help for my auto accident claim. When I suffered from the accident I was very injured, my situation disabled me to continue a normal life. It was a real struggle I had to deal with, but thanks to Abogado Aly and his team I was able to have legal support. They dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to fight for my rights. I am satisfied and happy with the service I received, especially because I got justice upon my pain and suffering. I always recommend my Abogado Aly. He truly fights for you, and no doubt you will get the best results.

Maria C.

Abogado Aly helped me with my immigration case. When I went in for my free consultation, I had no idea that as a victim of a crime I could qualify for an immigration benefit. At the office of Abogado Aly, they took the time to find out about my history and background. This enabled them to find an immigration benefit that I qualified for. I was also able to help my family obtain the same benefit as derivatives. I wanted to officially reside in the Unites States so I started my immigration process through a U Visa. At Abogado Aly they could help me efficiently and I was even able to help my parents too. I am thankful to Abogado Aly because my waiver was easily approved and now I live without fear knowing my rights in this country.

Marah V.

I needed help with my immigration case after I married my husband. My Husband is a U.S. Citizen. The Attorneys at the office of Abogado Aly clearly explained what my options were. I made an informed decision. I knew the waiver we were going to file in my case was not guaranteed because they told me so in my free consultation. Even though I was nervous, I still went forward with the case. We were able to prove that breaking my family apart by not approving the waive would cause and extreme hardship on my family. I am so grateful to Abogado Aly and his team for all their hard work and dedication. I am so happy to have the chance to stay in this country legally with my husband.

Karen V.